We are currently seeking our next Installed Pastor.

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) of Romney Presbyterian Church is diligently seeking a permanent pastor to fill our pulpit. Committee members include David Allen (Chair), Kathy Kuykendall, Scott Staley, Kaye Strawn, and Youth Advisory Members: Emily Pownell and Ella Staley.

Our Ministry Information Form can be viewed here: Click here to view MIF

Dottie Wood

Church Secretary

Dottie serves as our part-time Church Secretary. Dottie prepares the weekly bulletins, manages the bookkeeping, and takes care of various administrative tasks.

Office Hours: 9 am – 1 pm; Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Email: office@romneypresbyterianchurch.com

Telephone: (304) 822-5083

We are blessed with many musical volunteers within our congregation.

Romney Presbyterian Church

Adult & Youth Choir Director – Sheri Coleman

Organists/Pianists – Beverly Keadle, Nancy Allen, Linda Shriver

St. Luke Chapel

Pianist – Becky Whetzel