Church Leadership

We are a part of the connectional church and affirm the theology, governance, and beliefs of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and Shenandoah Presbytery.

Our church is governed by leaders within the church who are nominated and elected to serve as Ruling Elders on the Session.

Clerk of Session – Kaye Strawn 

Class of 2020 Elders

  • Lisa Hileman – Chair of Worship & Planning
  • Richard Kizer – Chair of Property & Service
  • Beth Surface
  • Mary Ann Wimer

Class of 2021 Elders

Donald Cookman
Jeannie Hampton
Margritt Mason

Kimberly Smith

Church Committees

We have a multitude of committees that seek to do the work of the church as needs arise. Five of these are working committees of the session.

  • Christian Education
  • Commitment & Witness
  • Investment
  • Property & Service
  • Worship & Planning